Hi there,


Hi there, h

ere’s a little bit about me…


Hannah Edwards

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m an Illustration graduate from Falmouth University, currently living in Bristol.

I specialise in window art, murals, signwriting and chalk-boards, but whatever you’re after, let’s talk. I’ll try and help!

So here’s a very brief summary of my creative story.

Having always been creative from a young age, it was my Mum, when I was 18, who was the first person to suggest Illustration might be the right route for me. As soon as I’d committed a quick Google image search of what ‘Illustration’ actually was, it clicked, and I’ve been chasing the dream ever since.

I spent most of my Illustration degree focusing on conceptual, Editorial Illustration, however, after graduating in 2015, I found myself moving to Bristol and getting a couple of non-creative, minimum wage jobs to pay the bills. Although at the time, it didn’t feel like I was on the right ‘path’ those jobs have had a massive influence on my creative practise. For example, it was when I was working in retail that I did my first ever window painting for the shop. And it was when I was working in hospitality that I did my first ever mural and chalk-board for the company. So this has meant I’ve ended up doing large scale/on location work , which I absolutely LOVE. This journey has allowed me to go full time freelance, which is a huge deal for me, and truly an honour. I love the variety of work I’m doing at the moment, and the regular challenges that need overcoming.

So, whether you’re looking for something permanent or temporary, big or small, outdoors or indoors, colourful or muted, illustration or typography, in Bristol or beyond, give me a shout and we can figure out a solution.